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The Mission of the Jefferson County Long Term Recovery Group, Inc. (JCLTRG) is to assist with the long-term recovery of low-income individuals and families who were affected by and have unmet needs caused from manmade or natural disasters, in Jefferson County, Texas. This is to be conducted through a case management program to obtain the resources necessary to meet those needs while avoiding duplication of services.


The Executive Director (ED) is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating disaster recovery efforts for the Jefferson County Long Term Recovery Group, Inc. (JCLTRG) as part of Jefferson County’s disaster response and recovery process. This includes confidential case management services, advocacy, case monitoring, referrals, and other aspects of assistance to disaster victims.


The ED is responsible for planning, directing, supervising, and coordinating responsibilities of staff and volunteers in all aspects of the JCLTRG, in compliance with policies and processes, and being attentive to diversity and inclusion of individuals and organizations. Is responsible for keeping the Board of Directors informed through regular reporting and updates. The ED attends governing body meetings and serves as a staff resource to the governing body. 


·         Developing and maintaining relationships with the Board of Directors, volunteer partners, non-profit organizations, government            agencies, and others supporting the long-term recovery efforts.

·         Working with the board to develop an annual business plan and implementation of the plan once approved.

·         Working with the board to establish an annual budget and providing monthly reports reflecting operations within the approved            budget.

·         Scheduling regular staff evaluations and maintaining oversight of volunteers contributing to the success of the recovery                          efforts. This includes safety training and compliance.

·         Ensuring the effective use of volunteer committees and local volunteer partners.

·         Managing internal and external communications and serving as a media spokesperson for the group. This includes keeping                  the public aware of information and resources related to the JCTLRG through personal contact and multi-media platforms.

·         Recruiting, managing, and developing employees, volunteer work teams and other volunteers working on disaster recovery                    efforts for the JCLTRG. Will participate in training and development sessions and will include staff members, volunteers, and                  others when appropriate.

·         Identifying and partnering with volunteers, community agencies, vendors, suppliers, and other partners to ensure the full cycle              of disaster services is delivered safely, efficiently, and effectively.

·         Maintaining accurate and timely documentation in client files in compliance with board and partners’ policies and guidelines,                including but not limited to intake and assessment, service plans, case notes, reviews and revision of plans and other                                documents required by funding sources, and partners and the JCLTRG board. Will ensure the proper security of client records              and confidentiality in compliance with board and partner organizations and agencies.

·         Seeking new funds through grants or other public or private donations or fundraising projects and leveraging resources to                      maximize results.

·         Representing the JCLTRG with regional, state and/or federal agencies or work teams; and participating in local planning                          exercises and training by local partners (VOADS, Emergency Management officials and others), as necessary.

·         Developing or partnering with others to manage emergency response activities, community distributions or fundraising efforts.

·         Other duties as may be necessary.


Must be a self-starter. Strong interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills are necessary, with the ability to work efficiently and effectively while managing multiple priorities. Will develop project plans & budgets to achieve organizational goals. Must demonstrate decision-making skills to develop and recommend creative processes for continuous program or service improvements and have in-depth knowledge of programs and service needs. Proven record of collaboration, facilitation, problem solving, flexibility in evolving situations, marketing, leadership, teamwork, and partnership management with strong interpersonal and relationship building skills. Must be people oriented, organized, and able to operate with an orientation toward solution, and be able to demonstrate empathy for disaster impacted individuals. Must understand how to work with and manage volunteers effectively. Additionally, this position requires the ability to develop presentations for the board and members of the public. Proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite. Familiarity with federal, state, and local employment laws. Bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply.


Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience in disaster recovery or social service work.


Minimum of 3-5 years of experience with organizational management, or service/program delivery, and providing leadership to a department, program, or service. Demonstrated experience in coordinating staff and volunteer activities. Ability to interpret program trends, results, and related data to formulate recommendations. Ability to manage multiple priorities with strong skills in planning and problem-solving. Ability to relate well and effectively with diverse groups and individuals. Disaster or disaster recovery experience a plus and resume’s noting this experience will be given priority.

Must be willing to complete the following National Incident Management System (NIMS) trainings: ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-300, ICS-400, IS-700, IS-800 within 1 year of employment. Must attend monthly SETX VOAD meetings and participate in an active role within the SETX VOAD organization.


Travel is necessary within the SETX region and will involve occasional travel out of the area to attend training sessions or meetings. Must be available to work flexible and extended hours as necessary to prepare for and handle responsibilities before, during and after disasters. Must have a plan to be separated from and/or evacuate family/loved one’s pre-disaster, then return to serve in Jefferson County Emergency Operations Center for up to 72 hours pre-event, 72 hours post-event, then intermittently as requested for up to 2+ weeks.  During this time lodging accommodation may be meager.

The ED reports to the JCLTRG Board, working closely with the President, Vice President, and Sec./Treasurer

in accordance with board policies and guidelines.


Please include salary and benefits expectation when applying and send resume to:


Jefferson County Long Term Recovery Group (JCLTRG) is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

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