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Our repair/rebuild programming provides home repair to the most vulnerable; uninsured elderly, indigent, disabled individuals, US veterans, single parents with underage or disabled children, and others. Through a structured case management process, we identify unmet needs of disaster impacted individuals and households. Through a "whole community approach," we help meet these needs so that individuals and families can return to a safe, sanitary and secure home. We partner with organizations that have a mission to serve disaster impacted people - businesses, churches, congregations, local and national non-profit organizations, and other community partners. We understand that it takes many people working together to restore a community after disaster. We also want to connect impacted households to resources that can assist with needs outside of our mission or scope. It's our desire to help individuals and families recover stronger than they were even before the disaster happened.  


Work with disaster survivors

to better understand their immediate and long-term needs

Collaborate, Communicate and Cooperate

with local elected officials and emergency management leaders to better serve the disaster impacted communities of Jefferson County

Engage in collaborative partnerships

with non-profit and for-profit organizations with the goal of working together to positively renew and restore our impacted communities

Mobilize volunteers

from inside and outside of our county/state to assist with long term recovery efforts

Rehabilitate and repair damaged houses

with a focus on resilience, to help better withstand future disasters

Identify funding & resources for building materials

to support repair and rebuilding of our county's impacted households, with a focus on the most vulnerable

Provide emotional support

and care to individuals and families whose lives have been changed due to disaster

Promote a message of hope

throughout our county, especially engaging those directly impacted by disaster

Remain focused and dedicated

in our effort to rebuild a stronger and more resilient county


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