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Apply For Assistance

Please read the following information carefully and in full. Failure to complete all required parts of our application process could delay assistance.

Jefferson County Long Term Recovery Group (JCLTRG) assists vulnerable individuals and households with unmet needs related to natural or man-made disaster (example: Hurricane Harvey). We focus primarily on indigent, elderly, disabled, US veterans, or single parent households with underage children, however we take consideration on a case-by-case basis. All cases are dependent upon available funding. If you have been impacted by a recent disaster/storm and have unmet needs as a result of the disaster (examples: need assistance with home repair or furniture/appliance replacement), please complete the following questionnaire. 

Application for Assistance


In addition to completing our organization's application, you will be required to provide the following: 


1. Hard copies of specific supporting documentation. Click here for the complete list of supporting documents: 

English  Espanol


2. If you are applying for assistance due to a weather event that happened within the last 180 days, please click the following link to report your damages using the State of Texas assessment tool (ISTAT).  The objective of this survey is to help state and local emergency management officials across Texas identify and gain an understanding of damages that have occurred during recent natural disaster activity. Click the link below to complete the survey:

Individual State of Texas Damage Assessment Tool


If you have any problems assessing the survey or completing it, please call our offices and we will help you:


IN SUMMARY: (you MUST complete the following to be considered for assistance)

1. Online application for Jefferson County Long Term Recovery Group

2. Provide hard copies of specific documentation (English and Espanol above)

3. Complete the State of Texas Damage Assessment Tool (ISTAT)

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