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The mission of Jefferson County Long Term Recovery Group is to assist individuals and families with long-term recovery following a natural or man-made disaster. We serve all households impacted by disaster, but focus strongly on the most vulnerable (elderly, indigent, handicapped, veterans, single parents with children, first responders). We first determine the household's unmet needs through a case management program. We diligently work to obtain the resources necessary to meet the unmet needs of those we serve. We want to stretch our donors dollars as far as possible, so we vet households carefully to avoid duplication of services and work with volunteers that provide invaluable hours of donated labor.


Jefferson County households impacted by disaster are counting on all of us as a community, especially looking toward Jefferson County LTRG, for leadership and guidance through their circumstances, rebuild efforts, unmet needs, emotional/spiritual support and more. Jefferson County LTRG is committed to the Jefferson County disaster recovery effort long term. The leadership of our long term recovery team is strengthened through collaborative partnerships with our county, city and jurisdictional partners and officials, our Southeast Texas VOAD team, and volunteer and faith-based organizations throughout our county and beyond, to make our programming better, stronger and more streamlined in an effort to meet this important commitment.


·Work with disaster survivors to better understand their immediate and long-term needs

·Collaborate, communicate and cooperate with local elected officials and emergency management leaders to better serve the disaster impacted communities of Jefferson County

·Engage in collaborative partnerships with non-profit and for-profit organizations with the goal of working together to   positively renew and restore our impacted communities

·Mobilize volunteers from inside and outside of our county/state to assist with long term recovery efforts

·Rehabilitate and repair damaged houses, with a focus on resilience, to help better withstand future disasters

·Identify funding and material resources to support repair and rebuilding of our county's impacted households, with a focus on the most vulnerable

·Provide emotional support and care to individuals and families whose lives have been changed due to disaster

·Promote a message of hope throughout our county, especially engaging those directly impacted by disaster

·Remain focused and dedicated in our effort to rebuild a stronger and more resilient county

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