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Texas requires specialty contractors to have a license and that the license be current before they can provide services. Several of these types of specialty licenses are often needed after a home has been impacted by a disaster.

Some of these include: 
Air Conditioning Specialists
Mold Remediation  

Use TDLR to search for licensed contractors or verify that a contractor you are considering to hire is licensed and the license is current.  

Choose the LICENSE TYPE (Ex. Electrician)
Then choose your CITY, COUNTY or ZIP CODE 
for a list of licensed specialty contractors

We also encourage you to visit our 

How to Avoid Contractor Fraud  link to become better aware of the dangers of being duped by a scammer or someone posing to be a contractor who really isn't. Many Jefferson County households were scammed out of thousands of dollars after Harvey because they were desperate for their homes to be repaired. Don't be a victim to a fraudulent contractor. Read our guide carefully and practice these tips!

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